Hey friend!

                          Hello, I'm Abby!               I write heartfelt songs for thoughtful                                    audiences,  like you!                           I want to listen to...

                          Hello, I'm Abby!
             I write heartfelt songs for thoughtful                                    audiences, like you!

                       I want to listen to...

Thanks for checking out my website! I am a do-it-yourself singer-songwriter and composer trying to get my music to you in the best way possible! 

I recently graduated from CalArts with a degree in Music Composition and am now working as a pianist, ukulele teacher, music store employee, and singer-songwriter in Los Angeles. While here, I've had the chance to work on some cool projects that you would probably enjoy if you are into insightful lyrics, engaging stories, and feelings.

Some of these cool projects include recording an original songcalled "Send Me Off To Sea," at Capitol Records for the CalArts Jazz CD, performing a set live at the Troubadour club, and being awarded Staff Pick on Vimeo for the animated video, "Nightmare in the Morning," which featured my song. In addition to these, I raised funds through a Kickstarter campaign for my first ever album which will be released later this year!! (All of these bolded words are links to these projects if you would like to look into them more!)

If you are interested in supporting my musical endeavors (you amazing person, you!) then you can check out my patreon page. This is where you can virtually "tip" me so that I can keep creating more music. You will also be able to see behind-the-scenes stuff and have access to my exclusive patreon feed. 

If you would like to keep up with my latest projects and music, or you just want to say hello, subscribe to my youtube page. This is where I will be posting announcements and updates most often. I'm also interested in doing collaborations with other artists/musicians, so if you are such a person, hit me up!

THANK YOU for checking out my music and projects! Your support means more than you know.

- Abby